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Pattern Technical Editing and Production

I will happily edit crochet, Tunisian crochet, knit, and sewing patterns. I don’t do brioche, Fair Isle, or double knit, so won’t edit those, but can help you with just about anything else, from accessories and amigurumi to clothing.

Technical editing

Here’s an incomplete list of what I’ll check on your pattern while I’m editing it:

  • check all the math (including stitch counts, sizing, gauge, dimensions, schematics, yarn requirements for all sizes, etc.)
  • check all charts and schematics for accuracy
  • compare written and charted instructions to make sure they match
  • check style and formatting against your style sheet or, if you don’t have one, check for consistency throughout (decimals vs. fractions, punctuation, bolding, abbreviations and capitalization, etc.)
  • check for grammatical errors
  • check for typographical errors
  • check whether tutorials and special instructions are easy to follow
  • make sure all materials and notions are listed
  • make sure all abbreviations are listed

How does this process work?

Contact me using the form below and I’ll get right back to you. We’ll determine the scope of the work you need done and a timeline. I’ll send you my client agreement, written in plain English and outlining the details of what we’ve discussed for your project. You will sign and return the contract and a deposit for half of the fee.

You will then email me the pattern files in document format (LibreOffice or Word), as well as all charts, schematics, and your style sheet, if you have one. I’ll make my edits with track changes on or in comments and send back the files to you. If needed, you’ll make changes and send the file back to me. We’ll keep doing the edit this way until you’re satisfied with the final result. I’ll then send you an invoice for the second half of the bill.

Related services

Pattern schematic creation

I will create simple black and white line art graphics showing the basic shape of a pattern with measurement labels. (These are most often used for garment patterns.) Final product can be sent as nearly any file format you need (jpg, png, pdf, eps, svg, etc.).

Pattern chart creation

I will create simple black and white graphics that show the pattern instructions visually. Final product can be sent as nearly any file format you need (jpg, png, pdf, eps, svg, etc.).

Style sheet creation

I’ll help you get your own in-house style guide started, so that all the patterns you release look consistent and read smoothly with consistent instruction phrasing.

Pattern layout

I will send you a PDF file of your pattern that’s ready for you to upload it wherever you sell your patterns. A style sheet speeds up this process a lot, making turn around possible in hours instead of days.

Do you do…?

Even if a related service isn’t explicitly mentioned here, feel free to ask. I’ll let you know if it’s something I can help you with (or not).

How much does this cost?

Please view the rates page for more information. An estimate of the total cost will be emailed to you before any work begins. There is a minimum charge of $15, and hourly services are charged in fifteen-minute increments. A 50% deposit is required before any work begins. Contact me using the form below to get started.