I love editing. I'm as passionate and excited about it as writers are about writing. I thoroughly enjoy the process and like nothing more than helping a writer tell the story she's trying to tell. I firmly believe that your story is yours, but that doesn't mean I won't cheerfully argue with you about word usage, punctuation, plot points, and characterization! I have lots of practice at it, too: over fifteen years of experience editing for writers, both aspiring and published; and a Bachelor of Arts with Honors degree in English.

I have worked closely with Ms. Mullin for more than ten years, and every project she has edited for me has been improved beyond measure due to her deft touch, wise advice, and keen eye. She has a deep love for the written word and that love is reflected in her professional approach toward editing and in the dedication she brings to the authors she works with.

Jamie Scofield

How does this process work?

Contact me, indicating that you're interested in having your manuscript edited. We'll meet on the phone, via Skype, or in person (if you're local), and talk about what you're hoping to accomplish with your manuscript, the length and genre of the manuscript, and what kind of editing you're looking for.

After we've met and decided we can work together, you'll send me the first five pages of your manuscript so I can get a feel for your writing style and make sure that we're on the same page about what kind of editing the manuscript needs. Then I'll email you a contract detailing the specifics: what type of editing has been agreed upon, the projected completion date, and my fee. After I receive the signed contract, I'll begin editing the manuscript.

What will you edit?

Nearly anything. I specialize in fiction, but I'm happy to edit, format, and proof nonfiction as well, including professional papers and theses.

Ms. Mullin's expertise with grammar, mechanics, and story construction made me more confident in my work. She is thorough and consistent in her advice and has an eye for detail that has helped me catch both characterization and plot errors. I look forward to working with Ms. Mullin again and highly recommend her services.

Gayle Francis Moffet

Content editing

Content editing is done at the story level, discussing plot, characterization, pacing, chronology, narrative arc, and point of view, among other topics. The text of the manuscript is not touched at all.

Content editing is $0.015 per word. (For example: the cost of a 10,000 word manuscript would be $150.) The author will receive at least one page of comments (single-spaced, typed) per 10,000 words of the manuscript (approximately every thirty pages).

Copy editing (line editing)

Copy editing is the process of editing a manuscript line-by-line, focusing on punctuation, grammar, syntax, clarity, word choice, and tone. It is a very time-intensive process, and is best done after the manuscript has been completely edited for content by the author or a professional editor.

Copy editing is $0.015 per word. (For example: the cost of a 10,000 word manuscript would be $150.) All editing is done electronically in Word or Open Office (depending on your preference), using the track changes function.

Right of refusal

I reserve the right to refuse any manuscript at any point of the editing process. I will prorate the fee and return the balance if some editing has already been done, or refund the total if editing has not yet begun.