About Vivia, LLC

Vivia, LLC is a one-woman-owned and operated limited liability company formed in the state of Colorado, United States of America. The Colorado Secretary of State's ID number for Vivia, LLC is 20071404986. Obtain a copy of the Certificate of Good Standing from the Colorado Secretary of State.

About Annie Mullin, owner and operator

I'm an award-winning researcher, database specialist, computer-assisted reporting guru, and data geek, formerly of The (Colorado Springs) Gazette, where I spent eight years:

I have nineteen years of experience with online technologies, and many more with calligraphy, computers, graphic design, and research. If I don't already know how to do something, I can learn it quickly, then turn around and teach it to you.

Corporate philosophy

I'm passionate about making web sites that are standards-compliant and accessible to everyone. It may seem like a strange thing to be passionate about, but there is so much potential in the technology currently available, and yet not even a fraction of it is utilized correctly! If you've railed against sites designed entirely in Flash because you can't increase the font to a legible size, you're in the right place.